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Tencent’s newly unveiled Mobile Royale Pass for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds looks more than a little bit similar to Fornite’s own Battle Pass.

The PUBG Mobile Twitter account yesterday showed off a video demonstrating a new way of unlocking content. Like the Fortnite Battle Pass, there are two tiers of unlock trees – sporadic rewards for free players, and a steadier rate of higher quality masks, taunts and cosmetics for those who fork out for the pass.

There is a level cap of 70 for cosmetic unlocks – again like Fortnite, the Royale Pass appears to work on a seasonal structure, refreshing every few weeks or months.

We currently don’t know how much the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass will cost, or when the update will roll out.

On top of managing the mobile port of PUBG, Tencent is closing in on a deal to acquire 10 percent of Battlegrounds’ parent company Bluehole. As a curious side-effect to the chinese giant having their fingers in every industry pie, Tencent also helped bring Fortnite to China on mobile and PC.


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