Apple’s Shazam teams up with Instagram for new Stories functionality

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Shazam and Instagram have just announced a new partnership that will allow users to share Shazams in their Stories. Of course, you must have both mobile apps installed on your phone in order for this to work, but even so, not everyone will have access to the new feature right away.

The companies announced the option to share Shazams in Instagram Stories will be available to iOS users starting November 1, while Android users will have to wait a while longer. As a matter of fact, no ETA has been provided for the release of the feature on Android devices, just that it will come “soon.”

Here is how the new functionality will work for iOS users: open Shazam to discover a song and you’ll notice there’s a new button that will allow you to share your findings directly to an Instagram story.

All followers who see the story can tap the “More on Shazam” option to open the Shazam app to the song’s page. The new functionality is likely to work the same on Android devices when it becomes available later on.

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