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Around 3 months ago, the iOS release of the awesome Dashy Crashy Turbo update had left Android users on the pavement. Luckily, Dumpling Design tinkered away in the shadows to finally bring their Android release out of early access.

The time has come for Android players to pick their car and start dashing, crashing, jumping and hitting cones to get those big scores. There’s also a brand new feature to capture your ultimate bragging rights.

The Dashy Crashy Turbo Update is now live and available for download right now on Google Play.

If you’re wondering what’s new in the update, check out my preview here.

On top of this, Travis Ryan, founder of Dumpling Design had good news for the Android crowd and their patience.

“After a few months tinkering in Early Access, we’ve *finally* released Dashy Crashy TURBO onto Android platforms and its now live on Google Play & Amazon App Store. As a huge thanks for being patient, Android players receive a *FREE* AUTO-CAR – which comes with a neat ‘auto-pilot’ mode (hold, no score) and is rather grumpy. The android version benefits from sweet features like ‘Mobile Capture’, so you can record yourself playing directly.”

“Now that we have content parity across all platforms, you’ll begin to see more regular updates”

With the game now available on both major platforms, and the hint of new content, we can expect to see some of the more, interesting, creative and possibly bizarre ideas come to life, such as this.

Happy Crashy!

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