New features being tested by Spotify includes one allowing users to import their own music

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Another change that @wongmjane sees is a redesigned Library view. It allows users to swipe horizontally to see songs, albums, playlists and more. And Spotify is also testing a Favorite Songs playlist; consisting of a user’s favorite tunes, this playlist would change over time as the subscriber listens to different songs (see image at the top of this article).

It appears that Spotify is also testing a “Saved for later” feature that allows a subscriber to save a Podcast and listen to it at a later time. Also being looked at is a change in the music streamer’s UI. With the change, users interested in seeing a Podcast episode menu will tap on a button to go to a separate page where the menu will be listed, making it easier to read.

None of these changes has been officially announced by Spotify, but we could see them roll out in the not too distant future.

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