Apple gives in, lists anti-spam app in Indian App Store to prevent iPhone ban in the country

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Back in July, we told you that the Telecom Regulatory Agency of India (TRAI) developed its own anti-spam app called DND. Being the telecom regulator in the country, TRAI also added a new regulation that required all smartphones in the country to have the app installed. Because the app uses an iPhone’s phone and messaging logs, Apple refused to allow it to be included in the Indian App Store due to privacy concerns.

The TRAI regulation was written for carriers since the agency has no power over phone manufacturers. So back in July, the agency told the wireless operators in India that if Apple didn’t allow the DND app to be listed in the country’s App Store within six months, it would ban the iPhone from the networks belonging to all Indian carriers.

Considering the potential of the Indian smartphone market, Apple did not want to have the iPhone essentially banned in the country. So it blinked first according to Venture Beat, and has now listed the DND app in the Indian App Store. With the average smartphone user in the country receiving up to 10 spam calls and texts a day, the app allows users to join a “Do Not Disturb” list and report unwanted calls and messages.
Indian consumers sporting an iPhone running iOS 12.1 or later can install the DND app for free by clicking on this link.

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