This is the world’s fastest SD card

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​ The current market is flooded with numerous fast SD cards, however Japanese giant Sony has unveiled an SD card so fast in read/write speeds, that it’ll make most photographers drool.

Sony has announced the all-new SF-G series of SD cards which promises write speeds of up to 299MBps and read speeds of up to 300MBps.For professional photographers and videographers, a good camera is only good enough if the card they’re writing the data to, is fast.

If the storage medium for the data delivers slow read and write speeds, it results in a loss of overall quality of the image, or video. That’s why this new SD card is so important.The card also support the UHS-II interface, which adds a second row of connector pins to the card for faster transfer rates on compatible hardware.

The faster read and write speeds would come in handy for shooting in fast frame rates or handling more demanding 4K video recording with ease. Moreover, with faster read speeds, accessing large 4K files would become a lot more convenient too.

The SD card will be made available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage variants. The memory cards are water resistant temperature resistant, shockproof and X-ray proof.Sony would also offer a specialised card reader for the SF-G SD card for seamless data transfer to the computer.

The pricing details for the Sony SF-G series cards remains unknown.The second fastest card available in the market right now is SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II, which delivers read speeds of 300MBps, and write speeds of 260MBps.

This card is priced at approximately $60 which is approximately Rs 4,000 for a 32GB variant. So we can expect the Sony cards to be available at a similar price point.

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